Install Oracle VisualVM and PerfMon4j Agent

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1) Download VisualVM zip file (Tested with version 1.3.3 and 1.3.4) from

2) Unzip the contents of the zip file.

3) Run "visual_vm134\bin\visualvm".

4) If visualvm fails to start you may need to edit the "visual_vm134\etc\visualvm.conf" file and add a jdkhome property pointing to a compatible jvm.

5) Download latest perfmon4j VisualVM plugin from: and save to your hard drive.

6) In visualvm select the menu option "Tools|Plugins".

7) Select the "Downloaded" tab and click "Add Plugins..." button.

8) Browse to and select the "org-perfmon4j-visualvm.nbm" plugin you downloaded in step 5.

9) Select the "Install" button at the bottom left of the dialog.

10) Follow through the wizard to complete the install.

11) Now when you open a java process on you system that has the perfmon4j remote agent installed a perfmon4j tab will be included.