System monitoring API for Java™ Enterprise Applications


PerfMon4j™ is a software API designed to diagnose and monitor application performance while the software is under load. It allows monitoring application on many levels, including:

Additional facilities enable monitoring web request, client browser information and arbitrary system health information

Perfmon4j should not be confused with a profiler. While profilers are typically used to snapshot performance in test environments Perfmon4j provides an API to build performance monitors into your application. Like a profiler, Perfmon4j can monitor Java classes/methods at the byte code level without inserting custom code. Perfmon4j provides features beyond those typically found in profilers to enable the creation of a comprehensive monitoring system that enables detailed metrics on the usage and performance of your deployed system under load. These features include:

Perfmon4j is an API designed to integrate performance monitoring and logging into your enterprise application. It is intended to be deployed in production environment to monitor detailed system metrics and usage pattern.

Perfmon4j has proven to be a powerful and effective tool in monitoring large scale enterprise applications under load.




Java byte code manipulation is implemented with the Javaasist Byte Code library.

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